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- Apr 7, 2024: YouTube Mirror has been accepted for CVPR AI Art Gallery!
- Oct 24, 2023: Appointed a Connected Minds Research Enhanced Hire position with a $100,000 startup fund.
- Sep 1, 2023: YouTube Mirror was presented at AIMC 2023, Brighton, UK.
- Jun 12, 2023: YouTube Mirror has been accepted for AIMC 2023 as both a paper and an installation!
- May 31, 2023: YouTube Mirror was exhibited at NIME 2023, Mexico City, Mexico.
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Sihwa Park


Date: Mar 2019
Categories: Audiovisual Interface, AR, UI/UX Design

ARLooper is an augmented reality mobile interface that allows multiple users to record sound and perform together in a shared AR space. ARLooper is an attempt to explore the potential of collaborative mobile AR instruments in supporting non-verbal communication for musical performances. With ARLooper, the user can record, manipulate, and play sounds being visualized as 3D waveforms in an AR space. ARLooper provides a shared AR environment wherein multiple users can observe each other’s activities in real time, supporting increasing the understanding of collaborative contexts.

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Related Publication
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