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Recent News

- Oct 24, 2023: Appointed a Connected Minds Research Enhanced Hire position with a $100,000 startup fund.
- Sep 1, 2023: YouTube Mirror was presented at AIMC 2023, Brighton, UK.
- Jun 12, 2023: YouTube Mirror has been accepted for AIMC 2023 as both a paper and an installation!
- May 31, 2023: YouTube Mirror was exhibited at NIME 2023, Mexico City, Mexico.
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Sihwa Park

Ring of Quartets

A Visual Score for the CREATE Ensemble Performance
Date: Nov 2018
Categories: Audiovisual Performance, Visual Score, UI/UX Design, CREATE Ensemble

This p5.js-based visual score is used for the practice and performance of CREATE Ensemble's new work, Ring of Quartets, which was also an opening performance of the Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE) concert on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall on the UCSB campus. (see details at here)

Performers: (from the left) Hannah Wolfe, Diarmid Flatley, Myungin Lee, Shashank Aswathanarayana, Alexis Crawshaw, Karl Yerkes (director), Timothy Wood

// How to use:
// 0. Click the above score.
// 1. Press SPACE BAR to start
// 2. Press 0 to stop and reset
// 3. Press num keys from 1-9 to set the number of performers
// 4. Press 'd' to toggle a direction as clockwise or counter-clockwise.
// 5. Click the circle of a performer to select a first performer indicated as a white border circle.

Source code: Link to p5.js editor